The Problem
How It Works


At every single purchasing opportunity,
Ask for the American made product.

But it is a global economy now, and what exactly is an American car anyway?

Consider a family that needs a minivan.  They have narrowed the choices down to two, Ford and Honda. 

It used to be clear, Ford was American and Honda was Japanese.  It is not so clear now.  Many of the components of a Ford are made overseas, and Hondas might be built in Tennessee employing our workers there. 

There is an old adage – “Follow the money.”

If you buy the Honda, the PROFIT from that transaction eventually winds up in Japan, if you buy the Ford, the profit stays in America and is taxed here.

Yes, it is true that at one time foreign cars were better built that domestic ones, although that has changed dramatically in recent years. 

If all things are equal, my recommendation would be to pick a vehicle from the domestic company.  The money will stay here.  And yes, they still have to be equal.  This philosophy is not meant to provide blanket protection for shoddy workmanship.  The world is still a competitive place.

Because we do not make anything anymore, we have to be realistic with what is currently available today.  Between now and when we reinvigorate our manufacturing economy, we still need to buy stuff. 

Given a choice, buy the product from the American company.
Keep the money here.