The Problem

The Problem
How It Works



We keep trying to stimulate the economy, but there is not much left to stimulate.  We continue to give away all of our money, and that is why we don’t have any.  Nobody wants to tell you that. 

"Here's a small calculation… 
In just the last 12 months we sent $150 billion abroad through the trade deficit.  At current stock prices, that would be enough for foreign investors to come back and buy all of the common shares of GM, Ford, and Chrysler, plus Texaco, McDonalds, and Coca Cola - with enough left over to buy all of the farmland in California and Ohio."

This quote is from a speech on U.S. Competitiveness given by Senator John F. Kerry (D. MASS) in the year 1989, and is quoted here from the Congressional Record.  Unfortunately those numbers are from 20 years ago.

For the twelve months ending November 2011,  our trade deficit was $553 Billion dollars.  It has ballooned to be almost four times as much.  That would be $63,000,000 per hour.  Every hour of every day.  365 days a year.

Envision a 53 foot long tractor trailer truck, filled to the brim with 63 million one dollar bills, pulling away from a loading dock at noon, leaving our country.  As this truck rounds the corner, another empty truck backs up to the loading dock.  The truck door rolls up.  A foreman shouts "Fill it up men!"  The second truck pulls away from the loading dock at 1 p.m.  This procedure is repeated every hour on the hour, all day, every day, all year.  24/7/365.  Saturday morning, while you are drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, another truck pulls away.  On your birthday, while you are having dinner with your family, it happens again.  Christmas morning, as your family is opening presents, another SIXTY THREE MILLION DOLLARS goes away forever.

Look at the clock.  What time is it now?  Look at the clock 60 minutes from now.  Another truck full of American Dollars pulls away.  This is draining the life blood from our nation, and that is wrong.  We are simply giving away the family jewels.  And our nation's Crown Jewels with them.

Yes, there have been abuses in the insurance industry, banking industry, automobile industry, and other places.  Some executives have been greedy and taken far too much for themselves.  But that is chump change compared to the real problem.  We just give away all of our money to anybody on earth who wants it.  That is why we don’t have any left for us.

"Patriotism is easy to understand. 
It means looking out for yourself
by looking out for your country."

Calvin Coolidge