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How It Works


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THEORY - HOW IT WORKS  (A simple story)

Imagine that you are a manufacturer of Widgets.  It is an old family business, and has a loyal following.  There is competition, but they seem to have their market, and you have your market.  This is the way that it has been for years.

SCENARIO 1  Stable Demand

DEMAND - Is stable and predictable, market price is $1.00 each widget.
SUPPLY - You manufacturer 1,000,000 widgets per year, and the market consumes all of them.  There are no other manufacturers of this exact product.

SCENARIO 2  Increased Demand

DEMAND - Demand doubles.  You find yourself with the hottest product on the market.  Raise the price to $2.00 each.
SUPPLY - You put on a second shift to double production.  Research discovers that new competition is now entering the market.

SCENARIO 3  Decreased Demand

DEMAND - Demand falls to half of what it was originally.  You find yourself producing last year's fad.  Drop the price to $0.50.
SUPPLY - Eliminate the second shift, and lay off all but most important staff.  Competition abandons this market.

If there were no demand for a particular product, supply would not exist.  If an enterprise created supply of a product for which there was no demand, the enterprise would be bankrupt in short order.  If, on the other hand, there were to be a great demand for a particular product, many enterprises would be in the business of creating that product.

This proves the validity of the fact that the Demand side of the equation is the leading and driving side of the equation.

Just as supply can be created, demand can be created.

Supply and Demand have always interacted. 

All this theory does is add the realization that the equation is clearly driven by the demand side of the equation.

Once you understand how simple this theory is, the world will forever be viewed through a different prism.