The Problem
How It Works


Here is a Rebuttal from a good friend of mine.

I read you law... great in theory and easy to practice if the quality is the same and the prices are the same.  They aren't.  Our regulations, tax laws, litigation threats, health care mandates and costs, and about a dozen other factors cause our products to cost more.  The issue with the auto industry is a prime example.  Labor, health care, legacy, tort attorneys, and one of the highest corporate tax rates in the industrialized world combine to create obstacles that can't be overcome by our auto makers.  This set of obstacles permeates our entire country's production almost every industry.

Congress can help with tort reform, lower corporate tax rates, less support of usurious unions, controlling the boarders to help keep health care costs (and education costs and prison costs) down.

BUT... they're politicians and their job is not to be statesmen and leaders, it's to keep their jobs in that lovely world of Washington DC.

The infrastructure is rigged against our workers just like the war on terror is rigged against our intelligence officers (no water boarding, no climate or noise discomfort).  The Steelers won the super bowl...but they wouldn't have won it with 10 men lining up for every play.  We're not THAT much better than our competition that we can afford to handicap ourselves at every juncture...."just to make it fair".


He is 100 % correct.  All of these things are true, and today they all add overhead and extra cost to goods manufactured in America.  All of these things need to be fixed.

However, we have to consider the real and total cost of our actions. 

We now have to factor in the added cost of the current stimulus bill to “bail out” our industries.  How much will we now have to pay?  How much will our children and grandchildren have to pay to cover our actions today?

We cannot just stick our heads in the sand and hope this will all go away.

What positive activities can each one of us take now, on a day to day basis?

The answer is …

At every single purchasing opportunity, 
Ask for the American made product.